Results Achieved

Here is a high-level summary of results delivered to a couple of our recent clients. In the interest of confidentiality, we have not included our clients' company names.

Technology Client

  • Developed pre-public offering marketing plan and content strategy for client
  • Distilled highly technical information into approachable content for every day readers to understand
  • Wrote 30 high quality blog posts for client in three months, many of which were featured as the #1 Hot Post on strategic subreddits on Reddit
  • Captured 448 email newsletter leads within four months of writing and installing an email opt-in form on client’s website
  • Contributed to dramatic improvements in client’s organic search engine traffic since initiating SEO content marketing campaign at beginning of October 2017 (see chart below)
  • Achieved first page ranking on Google for competitive keywords (positioned ahead of such industry leaders as IBM and Ethereum)

E-Commerce Client

  • Developed content strategy from scratch
  • Wrote 7 SEO blog posts per month
  • Launched 9 giveaway contests, yielding 1,400 highly-targeted email leads within 2 months
  • Increased Organic Traffic to e-commerce shop by >150% in 2 months due to SEO blog writing
  • Steadily increased client’s organic keyword rankings on first page of Google (see chart below)


Client Testimonials

“I admire how easy it was working with ZenRevenue. They just took our unstructured ideas and turned them into content that genuinely converted leads into sales. Dylan’s focus on detail allowed us to increase leads by 10-20%.”

– Andrei, Founder of

“I had the pleasure to work with ZenRevenue on a couple of projects. Dylan has proven himself to be a reliable member of our content creation team. He met every deadline he was given and his articles were always well researched. His writing style was a refreshing change in the real estate related content we’re usually producing. It can get boring at times, but Dylan was always able to write about what are often boring topics in an original and interesting way. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a creative, hard-working and reliable content manager.”

– Sanela, Site Promotion Team Lead at Foliovision

“Dylan has helped me more than any single content marketing consultant. He brought his brilliant mind and experience with high-volume retail business owners to my low-volume service based business and his insight has put me on a path to massive success. I’ve hired Dylan’s company, ZenRevenue, for content creation and consultations on content strategy (i.e. deciding on what type of content I should be publishing to optimize my marketing). In both domains, Dylan is an expert and he enthusiastically goes above and beyond my expectations to help me generate real dollars for my businesses.”

– Anthony, Founder at CYORE