The Largest Bank in Belarus May Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange

As reported by BelTA, Viktor Ananich, the chairman of Belarusbank, Belarus’s biggest bank in terms of asset volume, is currently performing due diligence on the logistics required to launch a bank-backed digital currency exchange.

With an emphasis on bringing Belarusbank into the future, the company is planning on integrating a number of high-tech solutions in the near future. Not only will the bank be looking to launch a cryptocurrency exchange, but it is also hoping to build out its service offerings with various mobile operators and service providers. Moreover, the bank is hoping to launch virtual credit cards within the next few months.

Recently, banks in other countries across Europe have also moved to integrate digital assets into their service offerings. Online Swiss bank Dukascopy formalized an agreement with Bitstamp to allow for the processing of Bitcoin transactions to fiat currency.

With all of the progress towards a digitized future, are institution-backed cryptocurrency exchanges a gateway to more liquidity for digital assets around the world?  

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Monday, January 28, 2019


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