How Content Marketing Can Help Your ICO Reach Its Hard Cap

While Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) raised almost $7 billion USD in the first eight months of 2018 alone, the increasingly competitive market has left project teams desperate to find new ways to stand out from the competition. With the landscape affected by advertising bans on platforms like Facebook and Google, reaching funding goals is not as simple as advertising to consumers directly.

This issue is amplified by the nascent nature of the blockchain industry. While blockchain technology has gained a lot of public understanding since its original inception, there are still large sections of the public that are not aware of the technology.

Additionally, the abundance of malicious actors in the space may prevent would-be investors from getting involved. In order to circumvent these obstacles and fund their projects, successful ICOs are employing the most valuable tool in their tool belts: content marketing.

Content marketing helps to educate the public about your ICO

There are many reasons why content marketing is such an effective tool when it comes to successfully funding an ICO.

The first reason deals with the level of public understanding surrounding blockchain technology. A 2018 survey published by regulators in the province of Ontario, Canada found that while most respondents had heard of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, ‘very few’ would feel comfortable explaining the details to others.

Further, the report found that 12% of respondents had been approached about—or had sought information about—an ICO, while 1.5% chose to participate in an ICO.

Most importantly, these statistics tell us that there is a lot of room to further the public’s understanding of blockchain technology. This is especially the case among those that are aware of the blockchain industry but are not certain about the details or have not participated in an ICO.

This creates an opportunity for ICO teams to become educators around blockchain technology and assert themselves as authoritative thought leaders in a new and emerging space. High quality content such as articles, blog posts, email newsletters, social media copy, and website copy are able to explain blockchain technology to the public and eliminate some of the uncertainty that may be hindering participation.  

Building trust among ICO investors with high quality content

The ICO landscape is often likened to a digital ‘Wild West.’ With consumers regularly hearing about fraudulent projects—and the landscape being so new—it is particularly important for ICOs to build trust in order to be successful.

One finding in particular that may frighten many would-be investors is a March 2018 study that found that 80% of ICOs are ‘scams.’ With the abundance of malicious actors taking advantage of the ICO landscape, proving your team as both experienced and honest is a great way to rise above the negative stigma.

With effective content marketing, blockchain executives are able to prove that they have the knowledge needed to effectively deliver on their promises to consumers and investors alike. Further, they can demonstrate that they are honest actors in the new and emerging blockchain industry.

Reaching ICO fundraising goals and garnering support despite the advertising ban

Critics of the ICO advertising bans enacted by major platforms like Google and Facebook in early 2018 believe that it did more than limit the avenues of reaching potential investors—it damaged the reputation of genuine projects.

They believe this because the notion that ICOs are illegitimate is an issue affecting honest actors working in the space, who can often become lost in a sea of malicious parties.

Here, content marketing gives you the ability to circumvent the otherwise problematic advertising bans in order to effectively reach consumers. In addition, publishing high quality content also allows you to help eliminate the negative stigma that often incorrectly surrounds legitimate projects.

Better still, organic content can go viral and is often not met with the same lack of trust as digital advertising. Especially in the blockchain landscape, proving a project’s merit is often not the result of direct advertising, but rather building a brand as an expert in the space.

Getting organic press for your blockchain project and capitalizing on game-changing opportunities

With the rise of the blockchain industry, many popular publications have emerged that are dedicated to reporting on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain-related news. In addition, major news agencies such as Bloomberg have opened subdivisions devoted to reporting on issues related to cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

These publications are often eager to report on legitimate projects in order to cater to their audience. Receiving this organic press can prove game-changing for an ICO that may otherwise find it difficult to attract investors. Media attention can even take already successful projects to the next level when it comes to achieving fundraising goals.

However, in order to receive attention from journalists at a reputable news agency, content quality is an extremely important factor. Press releases that offer genuine value and eloquently convey your ICO's unique selling proposition may be picked up by journalists at cryptocurrency news websites or major media publications.

It goes without saying that this kind of exposure is often worth a lot more than the cost of creating high-level content, and many ICOs choose to employ well-written press releases in order to organically attract members of the investor community at large.

This process often falls under a project’s content strategy. Effective ICO teams owe a substantial portion of their success to content strategies aimed at demonstrating why their ICO is a necessary solution for the intended consumer or market.

A note to ICO teams: not all content is created equal

While these points illustrate the value of employing content marketing as a means of reaching the hard cap of your ICO, not all content is created equal.

In order to receive the best possible return on your investment, it is important to make sure that the content you produce for your blockchain project is of a high enough quality to cement your brand.

Further, employing a cohesive content strategy can help ensure that your efforts are beneficial—and not detrimental—to your ICO fundraising goals.

One company in particular with a strong reputation for creating high quality content and helping to establish content strategies designed to maximize fundraising for ICOs is ZenRevenue.

ZenRevenue offers high quality content writing services that help your ICO or blockchain company cut through the noise in order to attract the attention it deserves.

To find out more about content marketing and why the discipline is becoming the most powerful tool available for blockchain projects in the wake of the advertising bans, contact ZenRevenue today.

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Monday, September 10, 2018


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