Our Story

ZenRevenue is a Canadian content marketing company dedicated to writing premium quality blog content for clients across a wide variety of industries.

If you're looking for an experienced, reliable & results-oriented content writing firm without having to worry about hand-holding or fixing mistakes, ZenRevenue is your best bet. We offer fast turnaround times (24-hour delivery if necessary) and we accept payments via e-Transfer, cheque, PayPal or cryptocurrency.

Meet Our Team

ZenRevenue consists of a team of highly experienced and professional writers and content marketing experts. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and managed by its founding partners, Dylan Bridger and Aaron Sheppard.

Dylan Bridger was born & raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador and hold a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University. He has worked in technical & business development roles with multi-national companies.

In his spare time, Dylan enjoys drinking coffee, playing drums & spending time with his friends & girlfriend.

Two truths and a lie about Aaron Sheppard:

1. Climbed the largest mountain in Banff National Park.
2. Worked across North America and Europe as a professional opera singer.
3. Has a four pound dog named after a norse god.

Think you know the answer? Send him an email: aaron@zenrevenue.ca

The Benefits of our Services

Attract More Customers

Customers are more attracted to companies that publish high quality blog posts. Think of the content you publish as a "magnet" to attract new customers or investors. Blog posts communicate emotions & brand values – people are more likely to do business with brands that resonate with them.

Save Time

As a business owner or marketing manager, time is money. Let us take the time-consuming SEO keyword research, content strategy devlopment and blog content writing off your hands so that you can focus on running and growing your core business.

Boost your Search Engine Rankings

Organic search engine visibility is critical if you want to generate passive leads & be seen as an industry leader. Publishing search engine optimized (SEO) blog content on a regular basis is key to achieving a strong search engine ranking. We've achieved first page ranking for many of our clients and we'll strive to achieve the same result for you.

ROI-Focused Work

Regardless of your content marketing goals, we maintain a relentless focus on delivering an outstanding return on investment with every project we take on. We've generated a substantial number of leads for our clients and we can provide custom-tailored quotes to match your content marketing budget. Whether you're a solopreneur or publicly-traded company, you can expect strong results from our team.

Outstanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our responsive, personalized and value-oriented customer service. We're a relatively small and agile team and we see this as a competitive advantage because we can offer you unparalleled customer support. Our work is carried out in Canada & we always answer our phones & quickly reply to emails. We genuinely care about your business & you will notice this immediately if you choose to work with us.

Quick Turnaround Times

Our content writers are comfortable working on fast-paced projects that require quick turnaround times. If you need a blog post written and delivered within 24 hours, we can usually accomplish this. If you can give us 48 hours, we can definitely accomplish this. The point here is that we work quickly and you will never have to worry about week-long turnaround times or communication delays while working with us.