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140 characters.

If you had 140 characters to change the perception of your brand how would you do it?

Twitter is recognized globally as one of the principal forms of social media, and community management. A well-run twitter account can engage more users in 140 characters than a front page spread in the New York Times.

In the past, mass marketing campaigns have been devoid of humanistic characteristics. With Twitter, you can give your brand a home-grown voice that truly speaks to the ideals of your company. Giving daily Twitter updates lets your fans and customers know that you have their best intentions at heart.

How to Market your Business on Twitter:

Here are some of the tactics we use at ZenRevenue to help your business grow through Twitter:

  1. Personalized voicing. At ZenRevenue, we create a distinct voice for each company we represent. These voicings lend to the company’s overall social media image. Looking for a formal approach to social media management? We will create a voice that exemplifies professionalism and dignity. Think of a cross between Barack Obama delivering important political policies and Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech”. If you’re looking for something a little more youthful and energetic we will create a voice for your company bursting with exuberance and maybe an emoji or two! This approach magnifies extreme passion and energy within the company.
  2. Community Engagement. It’s one thing to have followers, but another thing altogether to have followers engage with your brand. Twitter is a perfect way to reach out to your fans and followers and speak with them person to person. Having solid community engagement and transparency as a brand is paramount in retaining happy, loyal customers.
  3. Custom content scheduling. ZenRevenue will create a Twitter plan targeted directly to your target demographic. Do you sell breakfast sandwiches? We will make sure a tweet gets sent out right as people are figuring out what they want for breakfast. Own a bar? We can tweet out drink specials when your target audience is leaving work for the day!
  4. Hashtag Campaigns. Let us truly make your brand set itself apart from the competition. At ZenRevenue, we create truly unique hashtag campaigns. These hashtags show our original flair and creativity and will associate your brand with a truly unique word or catchphrase that will be associated solely with your brand. We need one for our company…. #zennedout, anyone?


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If you’re looking to take advantage of Twitter, one of the more powerful marketing machines for your business, let ZenRevenue create a truly unique Twitter campaign and we will use those 140 characters to bring your brand to life!

Contact us today and we’d be happy to chat about Twitter marketing for your business.


Dylan Bridger

Author: Dylan Bridger

Dylan is the Founder of ZenRevenue. He graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Engineering & has worked in marketing roles for multinational companies. He loves launching e-commerce shops, drinking coffee, listening to music & spending time with his girlfriend.