If your company is not using Quora to attract new customers, you are missing out on a seriously powerful sales channel. Want to learn how to use Quora to grow your sales?

Today’s blog post will give you an overview on how Quora can be used to send your small company’s sales skyrocketing.

What is Quora?

Quora is a social media channel based on its users publicly asking and answering one another’s questions. This app is very diverse in its range of subjects and is globally recognized as a reliable destination for information.

Every user on Quora creates a profile detailing the individual’s credentials and job title. Users can add a website link to their profile which can drive targeted, organic traffic to your company website.

Quora is an exceptionally strong marketing channel for startups and small businesses as it allows you to pre-qualify your leads by answering questions specifically related to your company’s niche market.

How to Use Quora for Marketing:

In general, marketing on Quora occurs by establishing yourself as an expert or valuable resource on a topic by answering questions related to your company’s specific niche.

This concept is best illustrated with an example.

Let’s assume that you operate a company that sells blockchain software development services to large enterprises. You’re trying to raise awareness and drive traffic to your company website but haven’t been able to achieve results by traditional marketing methods.

In your case, a potential strategy on how to use Quora would be to answer questions along the lines of: “Should my business invest in a blockchain software solution?”

By answering this question in an informative and authentic manner, the person who initially posed the question would read your response and likely visit your profile to discover your company’s website via the link in your profile.

Given that the user who asked the question has already qualified himself as someone debating whether or not to invest in a blockchain solution, there is a relatively high chance that he might consider doing business with your company – particularly since you have already demonstrated a strong knowledge on the subject and a willingness to help out this user by providing information.

Moreover, Quora allows you to actively reach out to other users and introduce yourself  through direct messaging. This functionality would be tremendously valuable in building relationships with potential business-to-business clients.


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The social aspect of Quora is built on an “upvote” system whereby users upvote answers that they deem valuable and accurate. This sets the stage for writing information-rich responses that go viral on the app and cause your website’s organic traffic to skyrocket.

While Quora is a time-consuming and tedious social channel to manage, it is extremely valuable to any company. The connections and authority developed on this platform could lead to game-changing contracts for companies in just about every sector.

Gaining new customers on Quora is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Set up an account on Quora
  2. Search the app for a keyword related to your niche. Try to think of what your ideal clients would be searching for in order to find the solution that your company provides.
  3. Answer questions related to your niche, while tastefully inserting backlinks to your company’s website where appropriate. This helps your website’s SEO while driving organic traffic.
  4. Pro Tip: “Follow” the person who initially asked the question so that he or she receives a notification and potentially visits your profile or website. Feel free to introduce yourself to this lead with a friendly and non-spammy direct message to initiate a relationship.


Speaking from personal experience, Quora has been tremendously helpful in attracting leads and paying clients for ZenRevenue.

As is always the case with content marketing and social media marketing, by providing value to others without asking for anything in return, people are likely to want to do business with your company. This has been the case with our brand. And this is how we generate value for our clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Quora to grow your business, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or leave a reply below. I’d be happy to help you get started with Quora and answer any questions you may have on the subject.

Good luck and happy question-answering!


Dylan Bridger

Author: Dylan Bridger

Dylan is the Founder of ZenRevenue. He graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Engineering & has worked in marketing roles for multinational companies. He loves launching e-commerce shops, drinking coffee, listening to music & spending time with his girlfriend.